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We Offer an Array of Expertise and Experience That Improve Our Clients’ Planning, Process and Outcomes

Our Expertise

We see research and evaluation expertise as two sides of the same coin, and our approach to both is informed by our training as applied social scientists. Research and evaluation are both systematic processes to identify, organize and structure information, and both focus on translating ideas and concepts into measurable categories. In addition to broad training and expertise in research and evaluation methodologies, we have developed skills and capacities related to data management and technical assistance. We apply this expertise to supporting evidence-based and data-driven planning and implementation of projects and programs.

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We use research methodologies that include both quantitative and qualitative approaches. More often than not, we use both. Our goal with research is to clarify underlying mechanisms or discover the relationships among the topics you care about.  

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How do we know if something works? Our approach to evaluation is to use rigorous evaluation methodologies that fit the organizational context to produce practical understanding that can help to improve outcomes.

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Data Management

Our observation is that organizations collect a lot of data, and sometimes need some help with organizing it, improving the use of it, or thinking about wholesale changes to data collection approaches. Quite simply, we want to ensure that your data can be used, so it can be useful.

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Technical Assistance

Our technical assistance supports the development of research, evaluation, and data management capacity within communities and organizations. We do this through one-on-one support, classes, and the development of original technical resources.

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