group of toddlers sitting with their arms around each other on a bench while smiling and laughing


Well-Being for Individuals and Communities

Our interest in health was formed during a project we lead in creating an enrollment program for rural residents who were interested in gaining access through the Affordable Care Act. Since then, Brandn has been working primarily in health with Kristal providing statistical expertise and collaboration. At SAMHSA, Brandn was recruited to be a senior service fellow in a social epidemiology team tasked with improving understanding about the relationship between behavioral health and social context. This work focused on disparities and social determinants in behavioral health. Using both primary research within communities and population-level survey data, our research in health has expanded beyond behavioral health to include population-level interventions for addressing chronic disease, physical activity and nutrition, and the health of older adults.

Specific Topics Related to Health

  • Behavioral health
  • Vulnerable populations
  • Community health needs assessment
  • Evidence-based interventions
  • Social determinants of health