JG Research and Evaluation brought on a new team member this summer to add to our small yet growing team of folks who love data analytics and playing outside. Meet Carol Hardy, JG Data Analyst and a Colorado native with a master’s degree in Statistics from Montana State University. Following suite and in order to get to know Carol outside of the office we asked her, What is your ideal [Montana] day off? And, Where would you be getting ice cream on this day off? To learn more about Carol, follow this link to our team page.

“A day of leisure in Montana offers a myriad of possibilities. During the sun-soaked summer months, my perfect day off unfurls as an outdoor adventure, accompanied by cherished companions. It invariably involves meandering through nature on either my trusty bicycle or my own two feet, all the while playfully attempting to demonstrate my expertise in botany and ornithology, often humorously misidentifying various avian species and plant specimens.

As the day advances, we eventually converge upon the delightful oasis known as Genuine Ice Cream. It’s here that I indulge my palate in the creamy, tropical delights of coconut-based ice creams, not due to any dietary restrictions, but purely because of my unabashed love for their exquisite flavors.” – Carol Hardy