Technical assistance

Supporting effective implementation 

We provide technical assistance to introduce new methods and programs, teach new tools, and build capacity in your organization. Sometimes effective implementation requires starting from the basics, and other times your team might just need the right tool calibrated to fit your context. With our range of skills and subject matter expertise, the JG team can help you identify possible implementation challenges at the beginning of something new and track success and opportunities for improvement over time. JG staff have experience providing technical assistance program design and adaptation, fidelity monitoring, data entry, extraction, and interpretation, and planning for long-term sustainability.


Types of technical assistance:

  • Implementation 
  • Monitoring and fidelity 
  • Quality improvement 
  • Adaptation 
  • Sustainability

Specific technical assistance projects at JG:

Meadowlark Data Reporting

JG staff have worked with individual OB/GYN providers who are implementing integrated behavioral health in their perinatal care settings to standardize documentation and reporting of those services, and the JG team provides visualization of data back to sites using a consistent set of metrics. The purpose of the project is to provide consistent analysis and reporting back to sites to improve clinical practice, and to meet federal and philanthropic reporting requirements related to implementation and impact. 

Deliverable: Meadowlark Evaluation 2023

Client: MHCF, Medicaid DPHHS

Tags: Statistical Analysis, Behavioral Health

Partnership for Climate-Smart Commodities Learning Network

The JG team is co-leading data analysis and interpretation as part of a team led by Lindahl Reed to provide support to the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities Network. The goal of the project is to provide to the USDA in-depth and timely assessment of the lessons learned and emerging priorities among the Network. 

Deliverable: Lindahl Reed and Partners Awarded Five-Year Contract with USDA

Client: USDA

Tags: Data Dashboards and Analytics, Food Systems

RCORP and COSSAP in Pennsylvania

JG staff have provided data collection and evaluation services for a set a projects in the coal region of central Pennsylvania focused on improving behavioral health outcomes for specific high-risk populations. The goal of the project is to understand the experiences of both clients and service providers to improve the efficacy and impact of harm reduction and recovery services in rural communities.

Deliverable: Northumberland County

Client: Susquehanna Valley United Way

Tags: Mixed Methods, Behavioral Health, Human Services