Technical skills

From collection, analysis, and visualization of diverse data sources to project management, our team has the necessary skills to meet the needs of our clients.

Our expertise

Research and evaluation expertise are two sides of the same coin. On any project, our approach is informed by our training as applied social scientists. To us, research skills and evaluation designs are both systematic processes to identify, organize, and structure information to clarify abstract ideas and concepts into discrete categories. Our team integrates our expertise in research and evaluation methodologies with technical skills and capacities in data management and technical assistance. As an integrated team, JG supports evidence-based and data-driven planning, implementation, and monitoring of projects and programs.

Statistical Analysis

We identify, secure, analyze, and visualize data to find and communicate the insights you need to know.

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Qualitative Data Analysis and Analytics

We collect and analyze qualitative data to understand the human experience embedded in a project, emphasizing transparency, consistency, and respect for human subjects.

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Mixed Methods Data Collection and Analysis

We think that both quantitative and qualitative data provide unique types of insight. In mixed methods studies, we collect and analyze different types of data sets to complete the project.

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Data Dashboards and Analytics

We curate, sort, and filter your data to develop descriptive and analytical dashboards to reveal a clear understand of your program, enabling you to easily monitor its efficiency and effectiveness.

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Project Management

We apply standard project management practices to organize, operationalize, and mobilize the broad strategies and specific tasks of the project necessary to accomplish your goal on time.

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