Services We provide

We serve our clients with an array of expertise and experience to improve planning, process, and outcomes.

Our Services

We see research and evaluation expertise as two sides of the same coin, and our approach to both is informed by our training as applied social scientists. Research and evaluation are both systematic processes to identify, organize and structure information, and both focus on translating ideas and concepts into measurable categories. In addition to broad training and expertise in research and evaluation methodologies, we have developed skills and capacities related to data management and technical assistance. We apply this expertise to supporting evidence-based and data-driven planning and implementation of projects and programs.

Background Research and Evidence Review

We review and synthesize the existing research base to identify best practices, emerging trends, and key takeaways from the existing knowledge base to help clients make informed decisions.

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Process and Outcome Evaluation

We design evaluations that apply rigorous methodologies that fit the organizational context to produce practical understanding that can help to improve process and outcomes.

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Needs Assessment and Planning

We approach the needs assessment process with the goal of collecting and integrating diverse sources of information to support inclusive planning that empowers our clients to move forward with confidence.

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Data Management

We help clients organize and improve the use of data they collect, and design wholesale changes to data collection and management workflows, with the goal of ensuring that data can be used, so that it can be useful.

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Technical Assistance

We support the development of research, evaluation, and data management capacity within communities and organizations. We do this through one-on-one support, training, and the development of original technical resources.

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