Social science for complex topics

We provide our clients with a wide range of topical expertise in applied social science fields spanning human and natural systems.

Our TOpics

We are applied social scientists, with diverse training and background in applied research on topics related to behavioral health, public health, rural communities and human services, the human dimensions of agriculture and natural resources, economics, and community development. We work on topics that connect humans to the social and natural environments in which they live, and we take a broad, holistic understanding of how people and environments interact. Starting from deep experience in the social determinants of health, agricultural development, and the challenges facing rural communities in the US, we have continued to learn alongside clients as new projects and opportunities present themselves.


Behavioral Health

We approach behavioral health as sociologists and epidemiologists. Behavioral health is shaped by the place where a person lives, the people they spend time with, and their cultural heritage and traditions.

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Public Health

We approach public health as sociologists and epidemiologists. Public health programs focus on prevention, emergency response, and community networks and systems to support health and wellbeing for all individuals.

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Human Services

Our work in human services provide support through research, needs assessment, and evaluation of the health, welfare and needs of diverse individuals and communities, with a particular expertise on systems in rural areas in the United States.

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Food Systems

We focus on both the supply and demand sides of food systems, including exploring barriers to sustainable agricultural production and rural community well-being, and understanding how food systems impact and are impacted by climate and economic variability.

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Environment and Natural Resources

The environment is a source of livelihoods, resources, and physical and mental well-being. We address head-on the challenges and trade-offs associated with human interactions with the environment.

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