Knowledge and Experience

We Have Education, Knowledge and Experience Working on Topics About Which Our Clients Care

Topics on Which We Work

We are rural sociologists, with training and background in applied research on topics related to community and public health, the human dimensions of agriculture and natural resources, and rural community development. We work on topics that connect humans to the social and natural environments in which they live, and we take a broad, holistic understanding of how people and environments interact. Starting from deep experience in the social determinants of health, agricultural development, and the challenges facing rural communities in the US, we have continued to learn alongside clients as new projects and opportunities present themselves.

group of toddlers sitting with their arms around each other on a bench while smiling and laughing


We approach health as sociologists. Health is shaped the place where a person lives, the people they spend time with, and their cultural heritage and traditions. Our work has concentrated on behavioral health.

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The environment is a source of livelihoods, resources, and physical and mental well-being. We address head-on the challenges and trade-offs associated with human interactions with the environment.

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rural community home on the side of a road surrounded by electrical wires

Rural Communities

We are members of the small group of people who have received PhDs in Rural Sociology. It’s a field that we believe in, and it’s explicitly aimed at training individuals in the methods and approaches required to facilitate and support rural communities as they adapt to the contemporary world.

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