Project management

Guiding Projects to Completion

Project management at JG is aimed at creating an inclusive, fun, and detailed process to provide general oversight for each project. Our project managers fall into two categories: project managers and research managers. Project managers specialize in coordinating our staff and our project partners to complete tasks and meet deadlines and objectives. Our research managers apply these same skills while also bringing content and methodological expertise to the project team.

We provide the personal, organizational, and strategic skills to guide your projects to completion. Timelines and deadlines for special projects can be a burden to partner organization staff whose daily work already strains their capacity. As your project partners, we facilitate progress by providing oversight, managing the work conducted internally and externally, offering succinct and frequent updates on project progress, and maintaining the communication necessary to fulfill the goals of the collaboration. 


Types of project management:

  • Spatial representation
  • Data visualization
  • Database development and management (link to data management in services)
  • Open-source software and tools

Specific project management projects at JG:

Survey of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Food Systems

In advance of the United Nations Food System Summit (UNFSS), the JG team led the development and deployment of a multilingual, global survey of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the food system. Results were summarized into reports and presentations led by Wasafiri for the UNFSS Secretariat that contributed to the UNFSS.

Deliverable: UNFSS Small Business Agenda

Client: Wasafiri

Tags: Background Research and Evidence Review, Food Systems

Behavioral Health Crisis Coalition Data Integration Support

The JG project management team is in the process of completing PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification. JG staff see the importance of developing strong project management skills as well as increasing knowledge in this area. With this additional training, JG staff have formalized training and enhanced skills in project management, implementing agile framework, and business analysis.

Deliverable: Public dashboard with crisis system metrics coming soon

Client: Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Division (BHDD), Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) and the Montana Healthcare Foundation

Tags: Needs Assessment and Planning, Behavioral Health

Project Management Training and Certification

JG staff provide extensive project management support to thirteen county-level behavioral health crisis coalitions across the state of Montana focused on planning for data sharing and integration to improve system function and outcomes. The ultimate goal is to support data sharing and analysis from organizations across the crisis continuum that are generally siloed, including law enforcement, health care, and social service providers.

Deliverable: Certified Associate in Project Management Certification

Client: JG Research and Evaluation

Tags: Applicable to all types of projects