public health

well-being done well for individuals and communities

Using both primary research within communities and population-level survey data, our research in health has expanded beyond behavioral health to include population-level interventions for addressing chronic disease, physical activity and nutrition, and the health of older adults.


Types of topics in public health:

  • Tobacco use prevention efficacy
  • Family planning and reproductive health in rural areas
  • Health equity for underserved individuals
  • Health needs across the lifespan (children, the elderly, perinatal people)

Specific public health projects at JG:

Richland County Americorps

The JG team provided an external evaluation of the Montana Public Health Corps program supported by Richland County, MT, which places AmeriCorps volunteers across eastern Montana to support community health actions and activities. The results highlight the extra capacity and energy that volunteers bring to the region, and emphasize the need for clear and consistent communication to ensure that volunteers and other community groups maximize collaborative opportunities.

Deliverable: Montana Public Health Corps

Client: Richland County, MT Public Health Department

Tags: Process and Outcome Evaluation, Mixed Methods

Title X Services Transition

JG staff worked with the State of Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) and the Montana Public Health Institute to support transition planning for management of the federal Title X program from DPHHS to the non-profit Montana Family Planning. The JG team analyzed quantitative clinical data and qualitative interview data to identify key needs, opportunities, and challenges faced by Title X providers that could be addressed during and after the transition.

Deliverable: Title X Federal Funding Awarded to Bridgercare

Client: Early Childhood and Family Services Division (ECFSD), Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS)

Tags: Needs Assessment and Planning, Mixed Methods

Health Equity and Chronic Disease Prevention

Working with the Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Bureau of DPHHS, JG staff undertook a mixed methods study focused on understanding attitudes and behaviors towards preventing and managing chronic disease in Montana’s most rural communities. Survey and interview results from close to 200 individuals highlighted the trade-offs between rural life and healthcare access, with clear benefits to living in small, connected communities and challenges with inequitable access to healthcare services.

Deliverable: Peer reviewed paper in progress

Client: Public Health and Safety Division, Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS)

Tags: Needs Assessment and Planning, Mixed Methods