Human services

 Supporting equitable access to services to improve well-being

JG’s work in human services is aimed at supporting providers in increase a person’s well-being, self-determination, and general quality of life. We conduct evaluations of human service programs by collecting data and working with the affected populations.  Our work aims to develop an understanding of the needs of people at the individual and community level, the resources and services available to meet identified needs, and the effectiveness of resources and services. The goals of human services research can vary from increasing collective understanding to informing public policy that have a curricular focus on social problems and social policy related to human services. Human services involve anything from improving people’s access to basic needs like food and shelter, behavioral health interventions, and a variety of other services that support and enhance individual and community wellbeing.


Types of topics in human services:

  • Child care and early childhood services
  • Houselessness
  • Transitions and wraparound care
  • Child welfare

Specific human services projects at JG:

Montgomery County Voice of the Customer Study

The JG team led a voice of the customer study to understand the experiences of public benefits clients of the Montgomery County, MD Department of Health and Human Services with the ultimate goal of improving equity in access. The study focused on barriers and facilitators to seeking, securing, and redeeming a wide range of public benefits, and highlighted the role that administrative literacy plays in clients’ experience of using application systems.

Deliverable: Montgomery County Voice of the Customer Study

Client: Montgomery County, MD Department of Health and Human Services

Tags: Needs Assessment and Planning, Mixed Methods

Unhoused Needs Assessment and Strategy Planning in the Grand Junction Area

A small group of JG staff is working intensively with the City of Grand Junction, Mesa County, and local service providers to support a needs assessment and strategy planning process focused on addressing the needs of individuals experiencing houselessness in the region as well as needs and priorities of the community. In total, over 50 interviews and 5 public planning sessions have been held over the second half of 2023, and will lead to a two-part public document in early 2024.

Deliverable: City of Grand Junction Presents Unhoused Needs Assessment Results

Client: City of Grand Junction, CO

Tags: Background Research and Evidence Review, Mixed Methods

Child Care Licensing Redesign

JG staff are working in collaboration with Bloom Consulting to support the Child Care Licensing Bureau of DPHHS in a business process improvement project that includes a needs assessment, a review and update of child care licensing rules, and the development of guidance documents for rule implementation.

Deliverable: Montana Child Care Licensing Project Assessment

Client: Early Childhood and Family Services Division (ECFSD), Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS)

Tags: Technical Assisstance, Mixed Methods