Behavioral health

using evidence to support planning and decision-making in behavioral health care systems


Our work in behavioral health is focused on the use of secondary and administrative data to evaluate programs across the state and country to determine what is working well for patients and providers. With more than 10-years of work experience in this field, we can also lend suggestions to streamlining and improving such programs. We also have extensive experience in conducting interviews with the patients and service providers to inform recommendations to funders and providers about what is going well and what should be changed.

We help local, state, and non-profit organizations understand the state of behavioral health, evaluate specific needs, and discover innovative interventions to improve the well-being of the individuals and communities they serve. No one is untouched by the behavioral health challenges that undermine our well-being.  While there is no simple solution to overcoming the epidemics threatening our communities, we are skilled and experienced at researching, analyzing, evaluating, and addressing behavioral health needs.


Types of topics in behavioral health:

  • Crisis Now model implementation
  • Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic implementation
  • Continuum of care capacity estimates
  • Integrated behavioral health data and reporting
  • Substance use disorder treatment and harm reduction modalities

Specific behavioral health projects at JG:

Support for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC) planning process in Montana

JG staff are working with the state of Montana, behavioral health treatment providers, and national contractors to identify and plan for the use of data in the CCHBC implementation process. The support provided by JG will contribute to the planning process leading to the CCBHC Demonstration program in 2024. (Photo from SAMHSA).

Deliverable: HHS Awards CCBHC Planning Grants

Client: Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Division (BHDD), Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS)

Tags: Needs Assessment and Planning, Data Dashboards and Analytics

Montana Hi-Line Behavioral Health Resources Guide

The JG team developed a guide to behavioral health resources along the Montana Hi-Line for use by providers and community coalitions. The guide will be maintained by the MPCA and periodically updated.

Deliverable: Hi-Line Resource Guide

Client: Montana Primary Care Association (MPCA)

Tags: Background Research and Evidence Review, Mixed Methods

Strengthening Families Initiative Technical Assistance

JG staff provide technical assistance and evaluation expertise to grantees of the Strengthening Families Initiatives (SFI), which supports innovative substance use disorder recovery support for women and families. The data and analysis led by JG meets federal grant reporting requirements, contributes to clinical practice improvement, and supported a proposal that led to a second five years of funding from SAMHSA in 2023.

Deliverable: Pregnant and Postpartum Women Grant Pilot Project

Client: Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Division (BHDD), Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS)

Tags: Process and Outcome Evaluation, Mixed Methods