JG Research & Evaluation

Science for the Public Good

Applied Research for Data-Driven Analysis and Solutions

We have a commitment to applied and place-based analysis and solutions, and expertise in evidence-based and data-driven strategies for supporting and improving your projects and programs. We work with many types and sizes of organizations across a broad range of topics, and we are always interested in learning alongside our project partners.

Technical Expertise for Real-World Challenges

Through extensive training and hands-on experience, our team has developed technical skills and expertise in applied research and systematic reviews, evaluation and assessment planning and execution, data management strategies and systems, and technical assistance for program implementation.

Social Science for Complex Topics

Our team has advanced degrees in rural sociology, the human dimensions of natural resources, international agriculture and development, and ethics. We are deeply invested and well-versed in specific topical areas, including behavioral health, the social dimensions of health and the environment, and the challenges facing diverse rural communities.

Work with JG Research & Evaluation

Our goal is to use research to illuminate social processes. The first step in every project is a discussion where we ask questions to understand what you’re trying to accomplish.