JG Research and Evaluation hired five new employees over the summer months. To learn more about their degrees and career interests, follow the link on each name to our Team page. To highlight each of these individuals as humans outside of the work space, we asked each new employee: What is your ideal Montana day off? And, Where would you be getting ice cream on this day off?

Erika Berglund was hired as a Research Manager with a focus in environment and agriculture. Erika has her master’s degree in Environmental Studies from University of Montana where she studied local food policy and governance.

“There are so many lovely ways to spend a day off in Montana in any season, but I suppose my ideal day off would be in mid-summer, starting off with a morning mountain bike ride with my two wildly energetic dogs, followed by an afternoon dip in or float down the Clark Fork, then a beer with friends at one of Missoula’s many beloved brewing establishments, topped off with a home-cooked dinner (made with this season’s garden veggies and last season’s wild game harvest) outside in the astonishingly late last hour of sunlight. I am by no measure an ice cream connoisseur, but I do enjoy a chocolate-dipped coffee ice cream cone from the Big Dipper now and then. Also, my dogs are big fans of their dog cones.” – Erika Berglund

Suzanna Powell was also hired as a Research Manager, with a focus on community-based research design. Suzanna is a graduate student at MSU studying Psychological Science.

“On my ideal Montana day off, I would be out canoeing one of the many nearby rivers (rather, lounging in the canoe while my partner does most of the work) with my favorite human and animal companions. After, I’ll stop by town and country to grab a Wilcoxson’s huckleberry ice cream sammie.” – Suzanna Powell

Molly Neu was hired as a Program and Engagement Specialist for JG, and might be the most organized member of the team.

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“Some of the things I love most about living in Montana are the different seasons and access to public lands! An ideal Montana day off could include different things depending on the weather and the season. Most of the time, it includes getting outside together as a family either hiking, cross-country skiing or being near water. Living in the Flathead Valley, I am fortunate to be close to trails and different places to recreate. I’d wrap up the ideal day by sharing a dinner with friends and playing either board or lawn games.  If time allows and ice cream is involved on this ideal day-I would get a Black Bear sundae (one scoop of chocolate love and one scoop of huckleberry, topped with chocolate chips, hot fudge and whipped cream) from Sweet Peaks!” -Molly Neu

Meet Chase Walker. Chase holds a master’s degree in Applied Economics and works as a Research Manager for JGRE.

“My ideal Montana day off is to explore and fly fish a small stream or river, ideally away from a lot of crowds and where the fish willingly eat dry flies. If I was going to get ice cream, I’d probably stop at Big Dipper in downtown Helena when I get back into town, and get a scoop of huckleberry.” -Chase Walker

Willow Grinnell works as a Research Analyst and is proudly the only member of the JGRE team without a master’s degree.

“My ideal day off is a a sunrise drive, coffee and music, and a day spent exploring neighboring Yellowstone, Glacier, or Teton National Park in the off season. There is something super special about land that is fully intact; I love witnessing animals and ecosystem function without (too much) human interaction. I could be found hiking/swimming/skiing/meandering, but definitely with binoculars and camera in hand. Upon coming back to Bozeman I would get a pint of Cherry Chocolate ice cream from Sweet Peaks.” -Willow Grinnell