Integrated behavioral health (IBH) is a clinical approach to identify and start to address mental health and substance use needs in the primary care setting. IBH includes routine screening and the use of a team-based model of care that includes behavioral health care providers working with primary care providers. In Montana, there are several initiatives focused on IBH in different types of primary care settings. JG has been providing data analysis and progress reporting to several of these efforts. Since June 2021, JG has been contracted by the Montana Healthcare Foundation’s IBH Initiative to provide data management support to all IBH grantees and to build a data dashboard to visualize and utilize the data to improve clinical practice and ultimately patient outcomes.

Brandn and Kate presented on the data management and support approach we have taken with grantees as well as our development of a data dashboard at the Montana Healthcare Foundation’s (MTHCF) 2021 Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) Summit on December 7. Screenshots of the HIPAA compliant dashboard are below. JG is taking an innovative approach to developing and hosting the dashboard, utilizing open-source tools for data management and visualization (RStudio and RShiny) and state-of-the-art architecture hosting options provided by Amazon Web Services (containerizing the application and hosting through AWS Fargate). This approach balances transparency, economic efficiency and security, and allows our staff to tailor both the data submission process and the dashboard visualizations to the specific needs and goals of each grantee’s clinical practice.

Password-protected data dashboards are now available for each MTHCF grantee in the first quarter of 2022! Explore the demo dashboard here. JG staff will work with MTHCF program and technical assistance staff and IBH grantees to explore how to utilize the data dashboard in the clinical practice improvement process.