This spring, JG Research and Evaluation added three new team members: Raven Truxson, Maddy Duran and Karl Vanderwood. To maintain consistency and give a glimpse into the lives of these individuals outside of the work space, we asked each new employee: What is your ideal [Montana] day off? And, on this ideal day off, Where would you be getting ice cream? To find out more about their degrees and career interests, follow this link to our Team page. 

Karl Vanderwood was hired as a Senior Researcher and has a PhD from the University of Pittsburg in the Philosophy in Epidemiology. Karl joins the team as a peer to Brandn, Kristal and Matt, and a role model to his coworkers who are earlier in their career.

” My ideal Montana day off would be spent skiing or biking and eating good snacks with my two favorite sidekicks (one pictured). Ice cream:
          Lemon cookie from Genuine in Bozeman. ” – Karl Vanderwood

Maddy Duran joins JG Research and Evaluation as a Research Analyst with a background in public health and exercise physiology, and like most of the JG team, a passion for outdoor activities.

My day would be during our Montana summer, starting off with a trail run through the mountains with an eager furry companion. Immediately following, we would head to genuine ice cream to grab a pup-cone and a cone of salted caramel ice cream to refuel. We would then head down to the river to begin a float full of rapids and some fly fishing with my favorite humans. Our float would end at a campground along the river where we would whip up some dinner, have a campfire, and share memories under the stars.  – Maddy Duran

Accepting her job offer before even walking the stage for her graduation from Bucknell this spring, JG welcomes Raven Truxson to the team. Raven will be working remotely from her home in Maryland while simultaneously studying for the MCAT. Go Raven!

“On my Ideal day off I would wake up and go to the gym (working out has become a huge lifestyle change/ hobby of mine) and then I would take a mini road trip to a local beach with family or friends as a way to decompress. I have loved to be by the beach or any body of water since I was young! It’s definitely my happy place. I would love to do some version of a sip & paint in the sand as I’m really into different forms of art (painting, drawing, henna, etc.) To end the day, I would love to try a new restaurant or ice cream place (I’m a foodie!). If I had to choose my favorite ice cream, it would be chocolate chip cookie dough from Cold Stone.” – Raven Truxson